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The data gathered by cookies from does not profile users. Since cookies do not contain any sensitive information, they are secure for all users.

The Basics of Cookies

Whenever you visit a website on the Internet, or use an application, your device (mobile device or computer) will download small text files that are called cookies. The browser (Firefox, for example) returns these files back to the site every time the user visits after the initial visit. In doing this, the website can utilise your preferences to provide a much better experience.

Overall, cookies are basically there to help make your use of a website as smooth as possible. By having cookies, users are able to quite easily move from one webpage to the other. This is made possible by the webpage remembering the preferences of the person who is browsing. It also helps to improve overall usage.

Analytics Cookies needs to understand how users actually use the website. This helps to keep the website and its content relevant. This is where web analytics services are useful. An example is how we are able to see things like the most popular part of a specific website, and see if any problems or errors have occurred. As well as this, pages and features are tested allowing us to discover what will work best.

Sometimes, web analytics services are going to be controlled by external companies for Companies like this utilise “web beacons” which are small, invisible pictures. These are sometimes referred to as “tracking pixels” as well. Sometimes these are included with Digital Products and Services. Tracking pixels will keep track of how many times something is viewed. Being anonymous, beacons like this do not collect information that identifies users.

Along with cookies, web analytics services will use similar technologies to ensure that the information web beacons collect is used in a constructive manner. Whenever a person visits a specific site, a cookie will be stored by the browser onto that person’s computer.

Personal information such as the user’s name or their e-mail address is not recorded by web analytics services. Therefore you will not be identified when you visit a specific website or use an application.

Third Party Cookies

Sometimes will use different tools from external websites to help maintain the quality of the website. These are often called “third party cookies” and help to improve a website’s function as well. will use content from many popular websites like YouTube or Google by embedding it. Any pages that are embedded with external links or tools will be using the cookies of that specific external website. The same can also be said when concerning the Like/Share options that are provided.

Opt Out

When using a website without changing any of the settings, will assume that the users do not have a problem when it comes to receiving cookies. For those who are concerned, it is possible to opt out by simply changing the settings on your browser.